Four Colour Kumihimo Beaded Round Braid

It is easy to make a 2-colour beaded spiral with Round Braid, but it is much trickier to work out how to do it with 4 different colours. There was a question in the Kumihimo Facebook Group about how to do this and although I have done it before and I knew it involved alternating the beads on the cords, I couldn’t quite remember how to do it. Sometimes you just have to get out the beads and the cord and try it out. Last night, after one false start, I got it right and I am posting it here, so I know exactly where it is next time I forget!

Kumihimo 4 colour spiral



The photograph illustrates the set up better than I can explain it! The thing to watch out for is that the colours alternate in a different order on the opposite cords. So the orange and blue beads start with an orange bead on the cords in the north position, but they start with a blue bead in the south position.

(Ignore the last bead on each cord because they are stop bead.)


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