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1000 Subscriber Giveaway

prumihimo kit

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube channel. During last week we passed an important milestone, which is the grand total of 1000 subscribers.┬áSo today I uploaded a new video on YouTube outlining a great opportunity to take part in a giveaway of Prumihimo disks, […]

Welcome to JTV viewers

On Monday 14th March JTV in the US will be showing my unique Prumihimo Disk. The wonderful Anne Dilker will demonstrate how to use the disk and has put together a great kit of materials. So I would like to extend a warm welcome to JTV viewers and take this opportunity to say a little […]

Workshops – What’s the point?

With a wealth of information available at our fingertips via the internet, it is easy to think that you have everything you need to learn a craft and develop your skills right in your own home. There are YouTube videos covering every subject you could think of and plenty more besides. There are Facebook groups […]

Trying Something Different!

Working for Jewellery Maker can be challenging because the designers have no control over what is put in the kits. We have all indicated the sort of materials we prefer to work with, but there is no guarantee that we will get what we find familar and easy. When I opened the parcel for my […]

A Great Review of the Prumihimo Disk

I was very excited and delighted to read a glowing Product Test of my Prumihimo Disk in the current issue of Making Jewellery magazine. It was with some trepidation that I sent off the disk for Clair Wolfe to put it through its paces. As the person who designed it I am confident that it […]

Embellished Kumihimo Braids

Embellished kumihimo

Some of the most elegant beaded kumihimo jewellery designs can start out as plain braids. Taking a needle and thread or a headpin to a plain braid can open up a whole new world of creativity and a really individual look. For the second kit I demonstrated on Jewellery Maker last week I decided to […]

Unusual new beads for Kumihimo

From time to time I am lucky enough to be sent some new beads to play with and to see how they might work for kumihimo. A short while ago a big box of beads arrived from Beadsmith and they have been keeping me pretty busy since then. Some of the designs I came up […]