Prumihimo YouTube Channel – Part 4 – Top 5

Today’s blog is going to be a short one! A couple of years ago I decided to film a series of ‘Top 5’ videos, but I only got as far as filming 4 and only 3 of them were ever uploaded! I really must find the 4th one and get it uploaded onto my channel and then I would love to film a few more.

The idea of these videos is to provide a rather chatty run through of my favourite materials and tips.  The format is slightly different to other videos on my channel. I do not show any design samples and I do not do demonstrations in these videos because I want to be able to talk through what I like to work with, how I like to work with it and why. The reason I have chosen to talk about these topics first is that these are some of the questions I am asked most frequently in workshops and when I demonstrate. The intention is not to lay down the law about what should and should not be used, because that is not what I am about. I prefer to tell viewers what works for me and to encourage experimentation, which is the cornerstone of innovative design.

Top 5 Cords

Top 5 Beads

Top 5 Tension Tips

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