Dagger bracelet by Jamie North

What a simply beautiful interpretation of my Luscious Lentils tutorial by Jamie North. She has used size 8 seed beads and glass dagger beads. The colours are just gorgeous. It is really exciting for me to see such a special bracelet made from my tutorial and I have to say that Jamie has a real way with beads. I think the clasp finishes it off beautifully and they are available from Jamie at If anyone wants to give this a go remember that the original pattern uses larger beads, so you will need more. Jamie used 40 beads on each cord and her bracelet came out cuff length at about 15cm (6 in). Just thread on extra beads according to the chart, starting from the top again. Thread on a few more than you think you will need because it is difficult to identify the cords once you get going.

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