Shiny, shiny, shiny!

Brown and Gold Kumihimo bracelet

A friend asked me to make her a bracelet for a special event, in brown and orange, which would make a real statement and be a bit of fun. It was to be worn with a plain brown dress, with no other jewellery or accessories. I raided my stash and found these ultra reflective beads. I have no idea what they are called and I can’t quite remember where I bought them, but they are really striking and so playful. I used the instructions from my Precious Posy tutorial which allows the inside of the bracelet to be plain seed beads so that the bracelet is comfortable to wear next to the skin. It is also a handy design to follow if you are using very expensive beads and you don’t want to ‘waste’ them where they can’t be seen. She is over the moon with the bracelet and I am looking forward to seeing the photos of her wearing it.