Never thread when you are tired!

Bead out of place

It is never a good idea to settle down to threading on a complicated beaded pattern when you are tired. Something is bound to go wrong. Last night I was keen to get this bracelet finished, so I battled on and then suddenly saw this bead out of place. I unbraided up to that point and recounted the beads on the cords. They were fine, so I carried on, but the same thing happened. I had to undo the whole thing and recount the beads. Sure enough, I had made a mistake and threaded on three seed beads where there should only have been two. Interestingly, the mistake was far further back than I expected. The effect of the mistake was only obvious after a further centimeter or so of braiding. Now the bracelet looks great and I am in the process of adding the ends and clasp. However, it was a lesson learnt … never thread when you are tired!

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