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Get ready for Christmas with this special offer

Kumihimo Christmas

It is my firm belief that you can never, ever have too much bling on a Christmas tree! For that reason I have decided to offer all four of my best selling Christmas decoration/ornament tutorials for the price of 3. As these are best sellers I am aware that some people may have already bought […]

No shipping of books or disks for 3 weeks!

christmas kumihimo

I will not be in a position to ship any books or disks for a three week period from 18th November until 11th December, so during that time they will show as out of stock. This will not affect sales of tutorials because they are downloads. There are plenty of other places where you will […]

The Christmas Kumihimo Wreath

Collage 3

After the success (and fun) of my Christmas Kumihimo Wreath workshop I posted lots of photos of what everyone made and I have had numerous requests for a tutorial. So, by popular demand, here it is! This is one of those designs which could become addictive because it is just so adorable and easy to […]

Christmas Kumihimo in September?!

kumihimo christmas

I am sorry to do this to you, but it really is time to start thinking about Christmas! The holiday season has a tendency to creep up on us. One moment it is way in the future and in the next moment you find yourself scrabbling to be ready! We all create because we love […]

Kumihimo Christmas in September!

Christmas Kumihimo

      The Kumihimo Christmas show on Jewellery Maker went down well and I have just finished posting the brief instructions on this site. One kit was big, bold and bright, while the other kit was more subtle and refined. I had great fun with both of them and it makes it much more […]