Squiggle for the Prumihimo Disk

Squiggle Kumihimo

The Squiggle tutorial was originally written for use on the regular round kumihimo disk, but I have now rewritten it for the Prumihimo disk. Rewriting a tutorial is a good opportunity to revise the information and for this tutorial I have added some guidance on sizing. I am often asked to give precise quantities of beads or cord lengths for particular sizes, but it is just not possible with kumihimo. Tension, the condition of the disk, the particular brand of material used and even the mood of the braid can all have a significant effect on the final dimensions of the braid.  Satin cord is made in several countries and varies enormously in terms of size, structure and handle.

kumihimo sizing

These 2 braids were made by the same person, on the same disk, using the same beads and thin beading cord. Both braids were made with satin cord sold as 1.5mm diameter, but the brand of cord was different. One measured just under 1.5mm and the other was nearly 2mm. As 4 satin cords are used for this braid, the small difference becomes more significant and the considerable variation in length of the finished braid illustrates the problem. Given quantities should be seen as a guide and it is essential to check the length of a braid as you work and be ready to add more beads, or leave beads on the cords, as necessary. If you are in doubt about the length required, it is a good idea to allow extra unbeaded braid at the beginning and end, which can be used to add length if necessary. Also consider other ways of correcting the fit of a design, such as adding chain or a few beads to add length. It is generally easier to lengthen a design than it is to shorten it, so bear that in mind when checking the length.

It is not just the length of the braid which will be affected by variation by brand. The width of the braid will also vary and this can make fitting end caps difficult. The best way to deal with this is to keep stocks of different sizes of end cap, so that you can change up or down if you need to. Glue-in end caps and clasps require a close fit, but the wired-on method of attaching ends allows greater variation.

Squiggle is a pretty, flirty design, which makes good use of the quirky shape of the Long Magatama bead. These beads come in a particularly wide range of colours and finishes, so the design possibilities are virtually limitless. However, here is a tip for those who have difficulty threading beads. Long Magatamas have a nice big hole, but it slants and care needs to be taken to identify the correct side of the bead to thread through. Transparent  and clear beads with AB coatings are much harder to thread than opaque and solid colours. You have been warned!


If you want to have a go at the Squiggle necklace you can find the tutorial by clicking here.

You will need a prumihimo disk to make this design.

squiggle kumihimo necklace

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