Sleeping Dragon Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial

Kumihimo magatama bracelet tutorial


So here it is! This is my newest tutorial and I hope people will enjoy it.

The unusual point about this bracelet is that a detailed threading chart is used to counteract the spiral effect of Round Braid. This means that different beads can be used on the inside of the bracelet to the ones used on the outside and in addition a single row of long magatamas protrudes from the bracelet to create a lively effect.

It is quite complex to work this sort of threading chart out, but as I have done all the hard work this tutorial can be completed by a beginner! I always make sure that everything is explained in detail and I do not assume prior experience for my tutorials.

Why is it called Sleeping Dragon? The working title for this design was Spike, but as I worked on it and tried it in different colours I started to think it looked like  a sleepy little dragon, curled up for a snooze! A friend suggested that for her it resembles a tractor tire, so I suppose it all depends on your imagination!

If you want to try it you will find it by clicking here.

It is priced at £4. I am often asked what this is in US$. The exact price is worked out by PayPal using the current exchange rate, so it fluctuates daily. At the moment it works out at around US$6.70-6.80.