Kumihimo Bracelet with Rizo beads

Rizo beads are a relatively new bead shape, designed for the bead weavers and embroiderers. However, it is a great shape for use in kumihimo and the colours and special finishes are amazing. I decided to try using them in my Sitting Pretty design. With a couple of modifications it has worked out really well and produced a lively, spiky effect. I will write up the modifications and am happy to email them to anyone who has bought the tutorial. The only drawback to Rizos is the rather small hole. It can be a struggle to string them onto 0.5 beading cord, especially those with a special coating. The answer to this is the wonderful Griffin bead cord with the needle attached. You can use up to 0.7mm and the cord is natural silk, so it handles beautifully.

It was suggested that this bracelet looks like a red hedgehog! I might have to make a few more hedgehogs to complete the family!