More Rizos!

Kumihimo Rizo bracelet

When I start to work with a new bead shape I like to be able to try it out in all sorts of designs. I particularly like to see how I can use it in existing designs to breathe new life into them. Here I have used Rizos in my Delightful Drops bracelet. I subsituted the drops for Rizos and I like the eye-catching spiky effect. There is, of course, a problem with this because the original name becomes a bit redundant without a single drop in the design! The thread used is Griffin needle-on silk thread, which is brilliant for the rather small holed Rizos. Two packs of thread are needed for this bracelet. It is very important to thread on all the beads before the thread is cut.  The way I did it was to thread on all the beads for one slot and check them very carefully for accuracy. Then I pushed them to the end furthest from the needle and cut off the first quarter of the thread. Then I repeated the process until I had all 8 threads safely threaded. Without the needle the silk unravels very swiftly, so it would be virtually impossible to get the beads on without it.

My next experiment with Rizos will be using wire. Watch this space!

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