So pretty, with a very clever twist!

Kit 1 collage

So this is what I got up to on my last appearance on Jewellery Maker! This kit was ultra feminine with pretty pink and baby blue gemstones, but a huge collection of 7 reels of cord in brighter colours meant that the kit could be taken in different directions. I was in a bit of a pink place when I made up the designs, so my reel of pink cord was seriously depleted by the end!

The design I demonstrated was the pink and white lariat design. I wanted to show that one because it involved three really useful techiniques, both new and old. Kumihimo braiding with large round beads is not always totally successful because the beads pull apart the centre of the braid and the result can be squishy and untidy. I have devised a way around this problem, using just 3 extra beads. Are you intrigued? If so, hop over to the instructions for this show, by clicking here. Alternatively the show can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.

The second technique is the button hole technique, where a slot is opened up in the middle of the braid to accommodate a button or beads. It is a great way of making a necklace without any findings at all.

The third technique is the traditional whipping method! (If you decide to Google this technique, you may be surprised by some of the search results!) I demonstrated it on the show. I had to give it two goes, because the first time my shaking hands made the wrap a bit tight! In my experience it often takes a couple of attempts to get just right. It is worth practising it with slippery satin cord before you give it a go with SLon cord.