New Facebook Page

Larimar kumihimo

I have just created a new facebook page at the request of Jewellery Maker. The name is JM Guest Designer Pru McRae and its purpose is to make it easier for viewers and designers to interact. It was a great opportunity for me to go back through all the designs I have made for the shows since I started in May. I have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of materials, which have encouraged me to try new ideas and techniques. Previous to appearing on the show I worked mainly with glass seed beads, so it has been an intense learning experience for me. It has opened my eyes to to the unexplored potential of using kumihimo in jewellery making and I look forward to expanding my skills. I was surprised to see just how much jewellery I have made for the shows in a relatively short period of time. At a quick count I made it 55 individual pieces of jewellery! This photo shows the jewellery I made for the very first show.

If you want to take a look at my new page, just click here and don’t forget to press the like button if you like what you see!

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