It has been a long time coming!

Berry Delicious Tutorial

At long last I am able to bring this new tutorial to my shop. It was first published in the October issue of Beads & Beyond and the agreement I have with the magazine is that I will not sell the tutorial myself for 3 months. That period is now up, so here is the rewritten, renamed tutorial now called Berry Delicious. I had tremendous fun designing this necklace and I love its fresh and fruity appearance. As the original design was destined for an autumn issue, the blackberry look was spot on, but this design can work well for any time of year and I  have remade it in purples and crystal AB beads to look like some sort of fantasy ice berry. I am particularly pleased with the design of the fastening, which is not only very cute, but also very secure and practical. The next one I will make will be for high summer, so bright red and green will suggest sweet and tasty raspberries. I feel quite hungry just thinking about it!

The tutorial can be found by clicking here.