Geometric Kumihimo

Digital Beading tutorial


This is the latest issue of Digital Beading and my Geometric Bracelet can be found in it. This is the first time I have had a tutorial published which is made using the Kumihimo square plate. Over the last year I have had lots of requests for tutorials using the plate, but I have found myself busy enough just working with the disk. However, I think that the plate is very under-explored and I have got lots of interesting ideas playing out in my mind, so watch this space! The plate is just as easy to use as the disk and produces lovely flat braids, which can either be thin and flat like the one in this tutorial, or they can be much fatter, but still flat. Tension can be an issue for beginners and the point of braiding can migrate to one side, or even out of the hole, but these issues are quickly resolved with a bit of practise. Satin cord is ideal because it works up quickly and the slippery texture makes it easier to achieve even tension.

I have now contributed to Digital Beading for a whole year, which adds up to 6 tutorials. Here they all are.

Digital Beading Kumihimo

I think that it might be time to make something other than a bracelet, but other than that there is a lot of variety there. I have used 3 different braid structures, 4 different fastenings and two different embellishment techniques. There are 3 fully beaded bracelets and 3 where the braid is visible. The bracelets are made with 3 different types of cord. I have used 6 different bead shapes as well as charms and I have used a different colour palette in each one. There are some instructional books available which offer less variety than I have in just 6 tutorials!

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