Amazing Labradorite


This is a little glimpse of one of the stones I have been working with for my next appearance on Jewellery Maker. If you watch the shows you will know that Labradorite is very popular. In fact it has been voted the favourite gemstone by viewers. However, you will also hear the presenters lament how difficult it is to show these stones off to their best advantage under the multiple studio lights. Under natural light this is the sort of effect you may see. This photo has not been touched up, edited or photoshopped. All I have done is black out the rest of the design because I don’t want to show it before the show. I took the photo in my conservatory using only natural light and a point and press camera.

What do you see when you look at this stone? I see the eye of some mythological creature or perhaps an undiscovered planet in a distant galaxy. My son thought it looked like some sort of medical specimen under the microscope! When you wear something like this the labradoresence will throw up different colors and effects as the stone moves or is viewed from different angles. In my opinion it is the closest you can get to magic in this cynical world!

If you want to watch the show you will find it live on at 1 – 5 pm BST (8 – 12 am EST). If you view it on satellite tv please note that the Sky channel has changed and it is now 665. Otherwise it is on Virgin756, Freesat 807 or Freeview 64.


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