It’s Back! The Prumihimo Book is back in stock.

Heart kumihimo

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me by buying my book. I have now received the third print run of the book and plenty are available and hoping for new homes!

I am aware that the shipping charges can be offputting, especially to the US and other far away places. I do all the packaging, filling in of customs forms and trudging off to the Post Office myself, so I am able to keep the shipping charge to the absolute minimum. I also offer an extra tutorial PDF to offset the cost of shipping. For this new print run I have changed the tutorial to Happy Hearts, for a bit of a festive feel. This tutorial teaches a great method of using wire with the Prumihimo disk. It makes a beautiful Christmas tree ornament, but it has a wider appeal for those who do not celebrate Christmas.

I have been delighted by the great response to my book. My aim was to help people to get the most out of my Prumihimo disk, by explaining the different ways of using it and providing projects of increasing complexity to develop skills and confidence. I wanted the book to be small and convenient in size and concise in the way it was written, so I added lots of extra images of braids, snaking through the pages to provide inspiration for further exploration.

I have also added the option of buying the book with an extra 2 disks, making it 3 disks in total. The disks are very light, so I am able to get an extra two disks into the package at no extra shipping charge. For those who already have the book and would like replacement disks I have added the option of a 4 disk package, because that is the maximum I can get into one package. If you want different combinations please contact me ([email protected]) and I will be able to provide whatever combination you would like.

Please click here for the book Prumihimo book, disk and tutorial

Please click here for the 4 disk package

Heart Prumihimo


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