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This is a 4-disk package of the unique Prumihimo disk. The Prumihimo Disk has been designed to simplify a traditional braid structure allowing braiders to develop their skills and make a variety of beautiful braids. Buying 4 disks is very economical because it makes the most of the shipping charge.

The disks will be sent by post. For the UK first class post will be used. For the US and Canada tracked shipping will be used and a free tutorial will be offered to these customers only to offset the higher cost of shipping.

Design Patent/Design Protection – US 29/557,791  EU 003025071

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Product Description

The unique Prumihimo Disk has been developed by Pru McRae to enable braiders to master a fabulous braid, which is perfect for the precise positioning of beads in straight lines along the braid. The braid is a traditional Japanese braid, which Pru has adapted for use on her innovative disk. A unique combination of slots and dots makes it easy to learn this versatile braid, while the shape, size and extra-large central hole of the disk are perfect for beaded braids.

Four disks can be shipped for the same price as just one, so this is a great way to save on shipping costs. You can have several braids on the go at the same time or you can share with friends.

Important shipping information for US and Canada only – Tracked shipping will be added onto your purchase. International mail is currently subject to longer delays than usual, especially to parts of the US. I would usually expect a package to arrive within 2 weeks, but at the moment some are taking considerably longer. As a way of offsetting the additional cost for the tracking  I am offering a free tutorial of your choice. To receive this tutorial please make sure that you tell me in the comments box which one you would like and I will email it to you. Do not order the tutorial from the website or you will be charged for it.

The price for the disk and the postage is set in GBP (UK Pounds). Paypal will convert to your currency using the current exchange rate.

For sales to European countries other than the UK, please email me on pru@prumihimo.com

Design Patent/Design Protection – US 29/557,791  EU 003025071

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Dimensions 30 x 15 x 4 cm


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