Welcome to Prumihimo

My winning entry into Braiding Britain competition 2012
My winning entry into Braiding Britain competition 2012

Welcome to the very first blog on my brand new website.

So what is ‘Prumihimo’? Well the Pru bit is me, obviously, so Prumihimo is my take on the ancient Japanese art of Kumihimo braiding. I am a jewellery maker, so my interest in Kumihimo is mainly in its use in jewellery. From the first moment I held a Kumihimo disk I was hooked and I want to share my love of this type of braiding with as many people as possible. My aim is to provide fellow lovers of braiding, as well as potential enthusiasts, with a wealth of ideas and resources to help them to enjoy Kumihimo braiding as much as I do.

Kumihimo has its roots in the distant past (see History) and it has been used for many functional and decorative purposes, but its use in jewellery is a new development. This mix of ancient and contemporary makes it so exciting for many of us. The Samurai Warriors would be turning in their graves if they could see what we are doing with their braids!

Please have fun exploring my website and I hope you will find something to interest you. I am happy to answer any questions and am open to any reasonable requests.

Finally, a word of warning. Kumihimo is utterly addictive. You have been warned!