A weighty issue – kumihimo weights

Comparison of kumihimo weights

I have recently become the proud owner of a set of Gator weights, aka Kumi weights. Up to now I have been using a tablecloth weight. It is a smooth stone attached to a clip and works pretty well. When I need something lighter I can use a tablecloth weight from a different set, which happens to be lighter. When people ask me about weights for kumihimo I suggest tying a bag of coins onto the end of the braid. This is a really good idea for beginners, who need a quick solution and don’t want to pay for it. You need 5-7 £ coins, or the equivalent of 50-75g.

Finally, I get to try these custom made weights and I am left wondering why I waited so long! They are much less bulky than my stone and because they are long and thin they hang perfectly under the disk. The clip has a thin nose, which is perfect for gripping thin braids, or dodging the beads on beaded braids. Having the two different weights is ideal for heavy, beaded braids because as the braid grows it becomes heavier and needs less weight.

They are made in Jamie North’s basement, so if you live in North America you can get the Gator Weight direct from her, www.glitznkitz.com. Elsewhere they are distributed by Beadsmith as Kumi Weights, so they can be found in local beadshops or online.