Video – Thread Embellished Kumihimo

Embellished braids

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The aim of this video is extend skills by introducing a new way of adding ribbon or fancy thread embellishment to Prumihimo braids. This creates a very different effect to braiding with ribbon or fancy thread, so it opens up all sorts of different design opportunities. Hunt through your stash for interesting threads, yarns, ribbons and cords. They will be supported by the braid, so they do not need to be strong, but you do need to be able to thread them through the eye of a large needle. I demonstrate the technique and show examples of how it can be used. To make the bracelet or necklace you need a Prumihimo Disk

You also need to know how to braid on the Prumihimo disk

The ending methods can be found in other videos,

Glue method

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