Video – Kumihimo Big Bead Bracelet

Big Bead kumihimoLength of video – 7.21 minutes

Close-up – 1.30 minutes

Set up – 2.20 minutes

Braiding demo – 3.00 minutes






Big Bead Bracelet

This video shows how to incorporate a large bead into the middle of a bracelet or necklace design. The bead needs to have a hole which is large enough to accommodate a minimum of 2 cords. The video shows how to add the extra cords on each side of the bead. It is a flexible technique and quick to make up. It is also a great way to use up a random bead from your stash.

Materials required –

1 or more feature beads

8 x 70cm/28 inches of cord. I used 1mm waxed cord, but any cord can be used as long as 2 cords will fit throuth the bead.

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