Video – Chunky Flat Braid

Chunky Flat Braid

Length of video – 9.51 minutes

Close up of braids – 1.58 minutes

Set up and braiding – 2.56 minutes

In this video I show how to make an unusual flat braid on the square plate. It’s chunky profile is created by crossing over three cords from side to side and I explain in the video how this is different to other braids. It might be slightly more complex to memorise the moves, but it is well worth the effort! The cord requirements for flat braids tend to be slightly less than for round braids, but I still recommend 3 times the required finished length for each cord. After you have made your first one you can adjust the quantities to suit your particular style of braiding, which will differ from person to person.

Chunky Flat Braid with Beads

This is the follow-on video where I show how to add beads to the chunky flat braid structure. This is such a pretty way to make quick bracelets, using minimal quantities of beads. Again I recommend 3 times the required finished length for each cord. You are likely to use slightly more cord when you are adding beads, but the the specified cord length should still be enough.

For further information about flat braids and other braid structures, please check out these instructions.