Thank you

Brown and Gold Treasure Nets necklace

Thank you very much for the great reaction to my latest tutorial, Treasure Nets. It means a lot to me to know that people like what I am doing and it encourages me to work hard and experiment to get the next design together! For this design I felt I needed to return to explore Round Braid because the two previous tutorials featured different braid structures. I know that lots of people prefer to stick to Round Braid, either because they don’t like having to memorize new sequences or just because they like the soothing rhythm of Round Braid. I have always loved the look of the inside-out method of adding beads, but I have found the result too rigid to work well in jewellery. This design, however, has great flexibility and fluidity and is really lovely to wear. I am now hunting out some S-Lon and beads in reds and greens so that I can braid up a festive version!

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