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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's banner

This isn’t really a blog post … it is just an excuse to show some hearts and flowers! I know that all the hype about Valentine’s Day can be a bit much and come across merely as a retail opportunity, but there is something joyful about jewellery featuring bright red tones and both hearts and […]

It is the time of year for hearts

Hearts banner

Now that we find ourselves in the month of February hearts seem to be appearing everywhere. It is understandable that florists and card shops want to cash in on the opportunity, but supermarkets are fast turning this time of year into a Red Christmas. It seems we should all be not only giving cards, but […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine themed Kumihimo necklace

I hope everyone is having a very happy Valentine’s Day. This is a more traditional style of Valentine necklace than the one I posted yesterday. Half Round Braid is just perfect for getting lovely red hearts into a braid. I have based the design of this piece on the Ribbon Pendant. There are two differences. […]

Hooked on You

Kumihimo fish and hook necklace

This was my entry into a recent Valentine’s challenge. I always try to take the wordchallenge literally and really aim to come up with something different. Perhaps I tried too hard with this one! It wasn’t at all popular! Some people commented that although they liked it they found the fish on a hook a […]