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The Disappearing Necklace!

Wire cab 2

It should be easy for a jewellery designer to have the perfect piece of jewellery for every occasion, but it often doesn’t work out like that! Choosing jewellery to wear for my television appearances can be particularly tricky. The Guest Designers are requested to wear jewellery made from the kits, but I am not sure […]

Fun with Soutache

Soutache kumihimo

  In recent years traditional soutache or russian braid has undergone a complete transformation. Where once it was used to conceal seams or decorate uniforms, now it is more commonly found in ornate jewellery designs. It is combined with beads and cabochons and stitched to backing fabric to create swirling, multi-layered creations of amazing complexity. […]

All done!

Bracelet banner

The instructions for the second kit shown on Jewellery Maker last week are now available. Click here to find them. Showing the designs all together like this shows just how versatile metal seed beads are. The large hole size allows multiple passes through the bead with a needle and thread, opening up all sorts of […]

Classy Cabochons

Cabochon Kumihimo

Following on from my blog about the bicone bead shape and how to use it I am now going to take a look at the ┬ácabochon. The flat-backed cabochon is a great shape for jewellery makers because it can be used successfully in so many ways and using a variety of different mediums. Up to […]