Rosary Chain

Labradorite kumihimo collage

The technique of making up a chain using small beads and wrapped loops is often known as rosary chain. It is a great technique and not difficult to master. However, it is also possible to buy it ready made, especially with gemstones and sterling silver. The advantage of the ready made chain is that the links tend to be particularly small and neat. Nothing  more than a clasp is needed to turn the chain into lovely necklaces and bracelets, but it can also be used rather more creatively. For the necklace design shown here I attached the chain to a braid in a scalloped design and added a labradorite pendant on a bail. It is easy to adapt the design by varying the size of the beaded loops or adding mulitple pendants.

The instructions for this design, together with other designs from the Jewellery Maker show can be found by following this link.



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