6mm Round Gemstone Beads

This is the largest round gemstone which can be easily braided into the basic Round Braid. It can also be used very successfully in other ways, such as with wire, alternative braid structures and added after braiding. Thought needs to be given to the security of the design because these gemstones can become very heavy when used in large quantities.

What to look for :-

– Good round shapes

– Even drill holes. Always choose the strand which hangs in a straight verticle line. A wavy line suggests that some of the beads may not have been drilled right through the centre.

– The hole size is normally reasonable in a round bead of this size

– Either consistent colour within the strand or if it is a gemstone with a wide range of different colours look for a good representation of each colour within the strand


Quick Design Ideas

Two 6mm

Half Beaded Necklaces

A full necklace of 6mm beaded kumihimo can be rather heavy, so it makes sense to leave the upper part of the necklace unbeaded. This is not only comfortable to wear, but it is also economical.

– 8 cords

– Round Braid

– Gemstones on 4 thin cords

– Thicker cords or multiple cords on remaining 4 cords

– Leave unbeaded section of cord at the beginning and end of the braid

Continuous Pearls

kumihimo braided pearls

A hugely opulent effect is achieved by making a full length necklace with freshwater pearls. Make it long enough to slip over the head and then the need for a clasp is avoided.

– 8 cords

– Round Braid

– Pearls on 4 cords

– Bind the ends and sew them back into the braid using a darning needle


Tutorials using 6mm round Gemstones

All of the following tutorials were written for the use of 6mm gemstones or pearls. Follow the links to purchase them from the shop.

Sitting Pretty Kumihimo bracelet

Sitting Pretty

This is an intermediate level design involving a different braid structure. It is ideal for really special gemstones or pearls because, unlike most forms of beaded kumihimo, it requires very few beads. Each gemstone or pearl sits in its own kumihimo nest, keeping it safe and making a real feature of it. Beads with special optical qualities work especially well because they can be rotated and positioned to feature their best angle.


Wire collar kumihimo

Wire Beaded Collar

Working with wire is great fun and this tutorial gives all the necessary advice to get it right first time. Either gemstones or pearls are added to the collar after braiding to give a striking effect. Even gemstones with tiny holes can be used in this design and not too many are required, so it is a great way of showcasing expensive stones.

Ribbon Kumihimo

Ribbon Pendant

Make a striking gemstone pendant, which also funtions as a clasp. Pearls work just as well in this design. Some wire work is required, so pliers and wire cutters are needed.  Every step is clearly explained, so no previous experience is needed. This tutorial teaches the Half Round Braid, which is a very versatile and flexible braid.


Coming soon!!

Gemstone kumihimo necklaces

Learn how to make the best of gemstones by highlighting their best features and bringing out the colours and surface textures of the stones. This tutorial will soon be available.