Introduction to Kumihimo Workshop

kumihimo workshop

I have been working hard today on the handouts for a workshop due to be held in March. I was delighted to be asked to take part in the programme of workshops at Stitch’n’Craft in Dorset and I have given a lot of thought to the content of the workshops, especially the first one, which is an introduction to kumihimo. I have now been braiding for many years and have been very active in on-line forums and groups.  It has become very evident that the same questions get asked again and again and it seems to me that if these problem areas can be addressed right from the beginning people would gain confidence and skill and be more able to develop their own style. I will be teaching both braiding with cord and braiding with beads, as well as introducing the tricks and tips I have learnt while making more braids than I could count! Most of all, I hope to pass on my enthusiasm for this wonderful art.

The first workshop is on Thursday 12th March. In the morning I will teach the Round Braid technique and a simple bracelet will be made. I will then move on to explaining how to braid with beads and once the basics have been mastered, participants will choose a design and a fully beaded bracelet will be made. If you are interested in coming along, here is the link to the workshop programme.