On the Edge

On the Edge Bracelet

This is On the Edge, the lastest tutorial to hit my shop. This design was first seen in Digital Beading last year and it has now been rewritten and expanded into a full tutorial for my site.

The braid used is Round Braid and to get the drop beads to be positioned only along the sides of the braid, it is necessary to thread the beads onto the cords according to a detailed chart. Don’t be put off by this because the results are definitely worth the effort! At a quick glance it may look similar to my first tutorial, Luscious Lentils. However, the side beads in the On the Edge design are in a single row, while the side beads in Luscious Lentils are in a double row. This new design has a more delicate and regular effect.

The bracelet works well with a glue-in magnetic clasp, but I know that some people are wary of magnetic clasps, so I have included an alternative ending.

The two new tutorials I have launched this year could not be more different. Twister is a flirty, lacy wire braid, while this one has more of a solid, geometric effect and is made with cord. So what is next? I have two more tutorials in the pipeline. The first one is probably the most delicate beaded kumihimo necklace I have ever seen and the other one is a charm bracelet. There should be something to suit every taste!