Braiding with Beads on the Round Kumihimo Disk

Beaded kumihimo

I stood down from my role as Guest Designer at Jewellery Maker at the end of last year because I needed more time to develop new ideas and the extra time is working very well for me, but of course I miss the fun and excitement of live shows. I also feel that I left at just the wrong time, because it was not long after the introduction of glass seed beads, which are perfect for beaded kumihimo. I was glad to be able to demonstrate with these beads a few times before I left, but there is so much more I would like to introduce people to. The bracelets on this page were made for a JM workshop, but I left before I was able to deliver it, so I have filmed a YouTube video demonstrating the method of braiding with beads. It includes the methods which have worked consistently for me and in the video I share lots of advice and my own special tips to enable people to get really great results. It is suitable for both complete beginners and those with a bit more experience. All that is needed to get started is a kumihimo disk, size 8 seed beads and S-Lon beading cord and it is now easy to stock up on these essentials at Jewellery Maker. But before you start I need to issue a warning – Kumihimo can be addictive, so you will need loads of beads to feed your habit!

Click here for Braiding with Beads on the Round Kumihimo Disk

To learn how to make the basic braid without beads click here – Braiding on the Round Kumihimo Disk

There are now 8 videos on my YouTube channel and I will be uploading more on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to click on the Subscribe button if you would like to be notified of new videos.

Beaded Kumihimo