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kumihimo round braid

In my latest YouTube video I go back to basics with a demonstration of how to use the round kumihimo disk for a cord braid. My plan is to use my YouTube channel to offer a broad base of techniques and design tutorials covering all aspects of disk kumihimo, including the round disk, the squre plate and the Prumihimo disk. Later this week I will upload a video showing how to braid with beads on the round disk.

Over the many years I have been braiding I have picked up a wide range of different tips and tricks, which I want to share with both new braiders and those who have been braiding for a while. In a creative activity there will always be more than one way of doing things and some will be more effective than others. I am keen to share what has worked for me. These methods have been used time and time again in all different environments, such as at home, in workshops and even under the glare of studio lights on live television! I wish that more reliable information had been available when I first picked up a disk because it would have saved me a lot of disappointment and discouragement in the early days. It is so important to get started on the right track to ensure that you do not get into bad habits and waste money with failed designs. Issues such as tension and the condition of the slots on the disk were things I knew nothing about and I had to learn the hard way. Over the years far more information became available as groups and forums sprang up, new publications were published, designers developed their skills and knowledge. This has led to an explosion of creativity in the disk kumihimo world. However, it is true to say that a lot of poor advice is also passed around. While I am not saying that my way is the only way, I am saying that my methods are thoroughly tested and reliable. Have a look and see what you think.

How to Braid on the Round Kumihimo Disk

kumihimo round braid

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