Book, disk and tutorial – a great deal!

I have noticed that many customers buying my latest book, Kumihimo Endings, are adding a Prumihimo disk to their order. Some of these are braiders who have already bought Prumihimo disks and want another one. Others are those who want to try it for the first time. When people make multiple purchases on my website a shipping charge is added for each item, but it is usually possible to make a saving by getting everything into one package. In these cases I pass the saving back to the customer by issuing a PayPal refund. However, it makes sense for me to offer the book and disk together as a package, so that customers can see from the beginning what the shipping will cost. It also means that I can offer a good deal for the two products.


It is now possible to purchase this book and disk together and a PDF tutorial is included to help to offset the shipping charge. The cost is £15 (Approximately US$19.50) and for that you will receive the Kumihimo Endings book, one Prumihimo disk and the Beaded Cluster Double Bracelet tutorial PDF. I aim to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. UK shipping for this package costs £2.00 and for the US and many other countries it is £6 (Approximately US$8). EU customers should contact me by email if they wish to purchase.


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