Video – Kumihimo Knot Bracelet

Knot braceletClose-up of┬ábracelet – 0.55 minutes

Length of video – 6.02 minutesDisk Set up – 1.30 minutes

Constructing the bracelet – 3.35 minutes

Kumihimo Knot Bracelet

In this video I show how to make a simple, yet very effective kumihimo knot bracelet. I use the Prumihimo disk to make the braid, but you could use any braid for this design if you wanted to. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to the braid, as I have, I recommend using either Zari thread or metallic embroidery thread in the top and bottom slots at numbers 3 and 4. If you use a different braid structure you will find that just a couple of cords of sparkly thread will be enough to get the effect, without making the braid too scratchy.

Kumihimo Knot Bracelet

Kumihimo Knot Bracelet – still waiting for its clasps!