Wags Wicone tool for Kumihimo

Wags Wicone for Kumihimo

Wags Wicone, what a great name! This clever little tool was invented by the husband and father of two jewellery makers. As with so many of the best designs it is very simple, but very effective. It is perfectly possible to wrap wire around any number of household objects to create interesting shapes. A knitting needle makes a very good mandrel and once you have anchored the wire it tends to stay in place. However, when you try to wrap cone shapes the wire tends to slip down the cone as you wrap and create irregular loops. The wicone has an ingenious anchor point, which works like a dream and you get perfectly regular cones every time. It comes in three sizes, original, mini and maxi. The original is perfect for satin cord, ribbon and thicker yarns. The maxi is long and slim, so the tip of it is perfect for S-Lon, embroidery floss and thin knotting cord. The mini makes quite a shallow cone, which is perfect as a bead cap. In my first attempts I could not quite get it to cover the binding of the braid, but I am still working on a way of incorporating these shallower cones into designs.

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