Video – Spiky Bracelet

Spiky Kumihimo

Length of video – 6.41 minutes

Close up – 2.2o minutes

Demo – 3.10 minutes

Ending – 4.30 minutes


Spiky Bracelet

In this video I show you how to make a super-spiky braided bracelet using Superuno beads. If you like this effect you can try it with other top drilled beads, such as daggers or rizos. If you would like a softer effect, try drops.

Every braid is different, so the quantities I suggest are only a guideline. Start with 8 cords measuring 60cm each and approximately 48 beads on each cord. I used 4 colours of bead and loaded them in 2s. I repeated this pattern a further 5 times to give me 48 beads. I explain in the video that you can use either the regular 0.5mm/Tex 210/#18 beading cord or you can use the thinner 0.4mm/Tex 135. You will see that I am using an extra-thick version of the round disk because it ensures a tight grip on the cords. Using a regular disk is fine, as long as the slots have not been stretched by thicker cords. If you are interested in buying a disk like the one I am using please visit the sallybeadjewelry site.