Video – Speed Braiding or the ‘to and fro’ method

speed braiding

Length of video – 7.45 minutes

Demo with cord – 2.15 minutes

Demo with beads – 3.30 minutes


Speed Braiding or the ‘to and fro’ method

My aim in this video is to demonstrate how the 8 cord round braid/kongo gumi can be worked by turning the disk in either direction and indeed by changing direction each time you turn the disk. This allows you to work with extra speed and that is why I call it speed braiding. It is also possible to use this to and fro method with complicated counted designs, as long as only 8 cords are used. When more than 8 cords are used the direction in which the disk is turned will make a difference.

The beaded braid with the counted pattern was worked out using an app called Kumihimo with Beads, which is highly recommended and is available in the app store. The bead threading I used will be available here shortly.

speed braiding