Video – Sparkly Prumihimo Bracelet

Prumihimo Sparkle

Length of video – 7.15 minutes

Disk Set-up – 1.03 minutes

Braiding Demo – 2.50 minutes




Sparkly Prumihimo Bracelet

This is a very quick and effective way to make a beaded kumihimo bracelet using the Prumihimo Disk, which makes them great for selling or just to have several to match every outfit!

I apologise for making an error in the video. A written correction has been added, but this may not be visible on all formats. Luckily it is a very obvious error. The disk clearly shows 4 thick cords, but I say that I have used 8 thick cords. I hope this will not cause any confusion.

The materials required for this bracelet are 4 x 60cm/24inches 2mm satin cord and 4 x 70cm/27inches beading cord 0.5mm. Bead quantities may vary depending on the length you want, but I used 32 size 8 seed beads on all 4 thin cords.

Prumihimo Sparkle Bracelet