Video – How to make a gemstone chip bracelet

Thumb gem

Length of video – 13.28 minutes

Threading materials – 1.30 minutes

Choosing the stones – 2.45 minutes

Demo starts – 3.40 minutes



How to make a gemstone chip bracelet

In this video I show a comparison of three different threading materials, this is a close-up of the samples. The top sample was made using flexible beading wire/tigertail. The middle sample was made using 0.4mm wire. The bottom sample was made using S-Lon 0.5mm/Tex 210. All the samples were made using the same number of chips on all 8 cords/wires.

Gems 1

Equipment – Round kumihim disk, large or small, 50g weight


6m S-Lon/C-Lon beading cord – 75cm for all 8 cords

1 Double strand of gemstone chips – approx 35 chips on 6 cords

70 size 8 seed beads – approx 35 on 2 cords

These are images of the other bracelets I show in the video.

Gems 10

Before starting it is a good idea to have watched my Youtube videos on braiding on the round disk.

Braiding on the Round Disk

Braiding with beads on the Round Disk

Gemstone chip kumihimo

Finishing techniques are covered in detail in the following videos.

The glue method of finishing a braid

The wire method of finishing a braid

Here are some ideas for necklaces made with gemstone chips. The chips can be sorted into size order to create a graduated necklace. A pendant can be attached by sewing it into position using S-Lon beading cord and a large needle. Crystal rondelles can be mixed in to create a subtle sparkle. The chips are heavy, so it is best to use chain or plain braid at the back of the neck.

Gems 7 Gems 3













Gems 5

Gems 6