Video – Kumihimo Half Round Braid

kumihimo half round braid

Length – 10.41 minutes

Demo starts – 1.17 minutes

Set up for different patterns 7.38 minutes

How to make the Half Round Braid on the round kumihimo disk

This is a great kumihimo braid, but it does involve learning a few different moves, so in this video I aim to help people to memorise the moves by breaking them down into a logical sequence.

In the video I show how to create different patterns by varying the placement of the cords. These are the three I show,

Half Round Braid

and here is a bonus set-up,

Half Round BraidTo make this braid you need to put the green cords on either side of the top dot.

These are some of the designs I show on the video.

Half Round Braid