Video – Kumihimo Dangly Pendant

Length of Video – 8.02 minutes

Demo starts – 1.30

Bead threading – 3.30

Removing braid from disk – 5.15

Tassel – 6.20

Kumihimo Dangly Pendant

One of my most popular recent videos has been the Bookmark video, so I wanted to show how this type of technique could be used in another way and I hope that my dangly pendant will become just as popular. This design is quick and fun to make up. It looks perfect on a simple kumihimo braid, but could just as easily be hung on a chain or a strand of beads. Enjoy!


Thumb Dangly pendantKumihimo Dangly Pendant

This is the bead threading for all 8 cords. Please note that the Long Magatamas have a slanting hole with the opening close to the top of the bead on one side (Upper hole) and close to the middle of the bead on the other side (Lower hole). For this design the upper hole is used for the first 2 Long Magatamas and the lower hole is used for the last 2 Long Magatamas.

Dangly Pendant 2

2-3 size 8 seed beads – 2 Long Magatamas – 3 size 6 seed beads – 2 Long Magatamas – 2-3 size 8 seed beads

The number of size 8 seed beads at each end can be varied.