Video – Kumihimo Bubble Bracelet

Bubble Bracelet

Length of video – 6.47 minutes

Close-ups – 1.38 minutes

Demonstration – 2.10 minutes


Kumihimo Bubble Bracelet

Beading cord comes in so many lovely colours that it seems a shame to cover them up and in this bracelet transparent beads are used to make the very best of the colour and texture of the cord. For the examples I have used 4mm round glass beads, but size 6 seed beads would do the same job. The braid is made on the regular round disk using 8 cords of 60cm, which is approximately 24 inches. The number of beads required will depend on the length of the bracelet, but you will probably need approximately 24-28 beads on each of the 4 cords on either side of the north and south dots.

Kumihimo Bubble Braid

One of the features of this type of beaded braid is that it is wonderfully fluid and flexible.

Kumihimo bubble bracelet