Video – Finishing your braids – the glued method

Thumb glue ends

Length of video – 18.33 minutes

Timing of different stages of the demonstration

Binding the braid – 6.15 minutes

Sealing the braid – 8.50 minutes

Trimming and gluing on the cap – 12.38

Finishing your braids – the glued method

This video is rather long, but I strongly recommend that you watch it all at least once because there is a lot of useful information and a few clever tips and tricks. If you have never tried gluing on your ends before you can practise on offcuts of braid until you are happy that you have got the method right. Once you have mastered this method you can try the wire method.


In this video I recommend 2-part epoxy resin. There are many different brands and different formats. Choose one which is fast acting (3-5 minutes), clear drying, in 2 tubes or bottles (syringe formats are more difficult to control).

Other types of glue which can be used to stick on ends in this way are E6000 and gel superglue, eg Zap Gel. Do not mix types of glue.

Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings.