Video – Chunky Beaded Bracelet

Chunky Prumihimo

Chunky Prumihimo

Length of video – 11.07 minutes

Close up – 2.11 minutes

Set up – 3.10 minutes

Braiding – 5.5 minutes

Chunky Beaded Bracelet

In this video I show how to make a striking and very chunky braided bracelet on the Prumihimo disk. This is great fun to make and is so quick, but there are a few things you need to know before starting. The tips I give in the video are useful for braiding with any sort of really thick cord. The cord I use is 3mm satin cord and you will need 4 x 60cm/24inches. For the thinner cord I use 0.5mm/Tex 210 beading cord and you will need 4 x 70cm/28 inches. For my bracelet I used 12 x 6mm beads on both the top and the bottom cords at number 3 and 11 beads on the bottom cord at number 4.

Chunky Prumihimo