Video – 16 cord flower and stripe braid

flower kumihimo

Length of video – 7.22 minutes

Disk set up – 1.22 minutes

Braid demo – 4.15 minutes

16 cord flower and stripe braid

With the 8 cord Round Braid or Kongo Gumi you can create braids with lovely stripe or spot pattens, but if you want to go further than that you need more cords. Doubling up to 16 cords allows you to make a wide range of different patterns. In this video I show how to make a very appealing flower and stripe design. Once you have learnt the basics you can start to design your own and there are several pattern generators available at no cost on the internet, such as and

All you need to do is copy the exact positions of the cords from this photo. It does not matter which pair of cords you start to braid with, but as explained in the video, you need to turn the disk in an anti-clockwise direction and you need to use the top right and bottom left cords (any order). This will give you a defined pattern. If you turn the disk clockwise you will still have a flower pattern, but it will be slanting and distorted.

flower kumihimo

To make a bracelet you will need 16 cords of approximately 60cm/24inches. For finishing off the braid ends and attaching a clasp, please refer to these two videos.

Glue method

Wire method

flower kumihimo