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The perfect weight

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If you are planning a trip to Japan you are sure to find lots of fabulous souvenirs to bring home with you, but don’t forget to leave space for a few yen. A friend recently visited Japan and very kindly gave me some yen on her return. You may think that was an interesting gift, […]

Weighty Matter

kumihimo weight

If you saw the show on Jewellery Maker yesterday you may have heard the presenter, Jenny, asking me about my kumihimo weight. (If you didn’t see it you can catch it on Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvycRYQHRN0&list=PLQuBtZVUc_n3ke3HlWItBuZurAw5k5lr1&index=5). I am not allowed to advertise other products on the show, so I thought I would supply the rest of the information […]