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Advent Tips – Days 11-15

Oh dear! I did not get on very well with writing a blog every day for my advent tips. I did post them in my Facebook group, but it has been pretty hectic here and I did not get the chance to write them up more fully here. Well here they are now! Day 11 […]

Speed Braiding? What is that?

Speed braiding 2

I have just uploaded my latest vidoe to YouTube, but I had a bit of trouble deciding what title to give it.¬† In the end I decided to call it ‘Speed Braiding’ because I demonstrate how you can build up quite a bit of speed on a kumihimo disk by breaking what is a commonly […]

Spot the Difference!

Kumihimo disk

On the top left is the original kumihimo disk, designed by Makiko Tada and manufactured by Hamanaka. On the top right is a disk available from a US website. They look pretty similar, but what is the significant difference? In the original design the numbers are located in between the slots. My guess is that […]

Large or small?

Kumihimo disks

When I bought my very first disk nearly 5 years ago it was one of the full sized ones. I took to it immediately and ¬†since then I have seen no reason to try the mini disk. However, my views have changed since appearing on Jewellery Maker as a guest designer. The only disk they […]

How amazing is this?

One of the most exciting things about writing tutorials is seeing what other people make. A design can go in a completely new direction in someone else’s hands. A great example of this is Jamie North’s fabulous interpretation of my wire bracelet. Not only is the execution of the wire braiding really precise and even, […]

My Veteran Kumihimo Disk

Traditional Japanese Kumihimo braids are made on wooden stands, the most common being the Marudai and the Takadai. Wonderful though these devices may be, they are also expensive. So a wonderful lady called Makiko Tada invented the foam disk, an inexpensive and easy to use device, which opened up the world of kumihimo braiding to […]