Web Pendant

Web wirework pendant

It is really easy to make this delicate web pendant, but there are lots of wire ends, so make sure each one is tucked in carefully so that they do not scratch or snag.

Web wirework pendant

1. Make a wire wrapped loop and a right angle bend just below it.

2. Wrap the wire around a small pot or other suitable container.

3. Wrap the tail of the wire just below the wrapped loop in the opposite direction. Trim the ends.

4. Attach thinner wire to the frame with a couple of wraps. Stretch it across the frame and attach it with a couple of wraps. Trim the ends.

5. Repeat with another piece of wire to form a cross.

6. Add a further 4 pieces of wire to form the spokes of the web.

7. Attach very fine wire to the centre by wrapping across the bundle of wires. Start to work around the wires with a single wrap around each one. Be careful not to distort the spacing of the spokes at this early stage.

8. Continue to work to the outer edge of the web and secure the wire with a couple of wraps around the frame. Tuck in all the ends.