Making a Hook

Kumihimo double bracelet

If you wish to make a hook and eye fastening you can use the wire wrapped loop instructions to make the eye part of the clasp and then follow these instructions to make the hook.

The starting point is to use a 16cm length of 0.8mm (20gauge) wire to pierce the sealed braid. Bend the wires towards the end of the braid and trim the shorter end. Thread on the end cone and bead, if you are using one.

Hook 1

Grip the wire with round nose pliers approximately 3cm from the bead and bend the wire back on itself.

Hook 2

Hold the bend with round nose pliers and bend it to create the shaping at the end of the hook.


Use looping pliers, a knitting needle or a slim pen to shape the hook.

Hook 4

Grip the wires 2-3mm from the bead and use wrap the wire several times. Trim the wire and squash down the cut ends.