Flat Braid Gallery

Here are a few ideas of how flat braids can be used in jewellery.

1. Use braids #1 or #2 with double S-Lon in the slots and make the cord ends into tassels.


2. Beads can be braided by crossing through the beads from both directions when the cords are moved from the middle to the sides in Braids #1 and #2

Flat bracelet



3. Beads can be added on the sides of the braids in #1 and #2



4. #1, #2 or #3 can be used to wrap around cabochons. Use a running stitch along the edges to secure the cab.
Snake right way up


5. Braiding with larger beads and #1 or #2 creates a very different effect.




6. Use 2 S-Lon cords in each slot for this effect.




7. #2 was used to wrap around this cab.

kumihimo flat braid